amazingly independent  Angelica  

Angelica - born 10.02.2006 

Unlike her full sister she will be much stronger and taller may be turn out one day like her mother in black. Just look at her and you know. Pictures taken at age 5 weeks. She comes to our house while her mother still is gazing out in the field about 100 m from her.

our best foal ever in Monteverde Costa Rica

our best foal ever in Monteverde Costa Rica

new arrival in Monteverde Costa Rica


Angelika in Monteverde Costa Rica

No better surprise in the morning 

than a new born foal

 At age 1 month I did walk in the lead and stand tied at the food box. I want to get to know everything. I took my first walk outside the farm 18.03.2006

Angelica in August 2006 learning to face fears of a youngster. Here jumping a mini ditch.

horse angelica minijump
young horse in Monteverde Angelica at age 5 months carrying a saddle and lining up for "work". Of course for her cleaning hoofs and being lead, but I am sure when we start riding her everything will be easy. 
Sabine's Smiling Horse - Angelika first time on long rainse
Sabine's Smiling Horse - Angelika first mount It is exciting going on our youngster for the first time.

Although I am sure they do not buck me off, it is always a strange feeling, since we know so many accidents on first time mounts.

I am sure our way of treating our animals we always have their trust and accidents are very unlikely to happen.

Angelica in fact can't wait to go with the adult horses on the trails.


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Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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