Sabine's Smiling Horses - Aska - first time mother 

her second foal born on the farm

Aska - there was a long waiting time for her. Every morning we checked and then after 3 weeks of doing this. Yes we jumped and there she was. Salinka was proud. My daughter Tara was all over her. She is very tame and friendly.

Sabine and Aska

baby watching mama Aska is watching her mama while sleeping. Shouldn't it be the opposite. But also understandable 1 day after giving birth...
  1 month  
Smiling Horse Aska Aska is our first raised & trained horses at Smiling Horses stable.

She is working now for 5 years.

Aska looking like a Tope horse She learned by her age of 7 years the Paso fino gate. known here in Costa Rica as "Tope" horse.


sabines smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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