Sabine's smiling horses - Chiquito - her little one

Chiquito - We went for a holiday in May 2003 at Arenal Volcano and once seen, he was a "must buy". He is the the sweat heart that all children love. He is more pet like than a horse.

With children he is the best. No kick, just standing and waiting for new things to happen. Nothing scares him.

Still one thing amazing about him is that considering his size nobody would think he controls the herd, but he does, and he does it well!!!

Pinto Pony Chiquito
taim Pony Chiquito Tara on Pony Chiquito

Our player. We had so much fun. In June 2005 a friends grand daughter fell so much in love with him, that I decided to give him to her. He still lives close to us and we can be riding him.

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