Sabine's Smiling Horse Princessa  finest of Princesses

Luna Azul's baby - shy at first now she is a real sweety

Born 25th of April 2007.


She is a Keeper.



Princessa was started to be ridden in January 2010 and is doing great.

Princessa in year 2011 started to be the most liked horse at Smiling Horses amongst our volunteers.

Still not fully grown and not yet at a high performance level she is the already the favorite of everybody.

May be because all of our volunteers are also Princesses ;-)


   Princessa keeps up her training at Smiling Horses Monteverde

Princessa is the star at Smiling Horses Monteverde

The little Country side boys like her too!!!

  As a result of this she is not only in good shape and very well trained,

but caught my daughter's eye and so in 2012 she trained and took her

to the endurance race in Tilaran, September 23rd.

Princessa's first endurance race

Princessa's firnst endurance race in Tilaran

In the 25 km distance race, she did not only come in, but also gained the 2nd place, less then 3 min after the first - 1 hour and 46 min for Tara's first  time competing and being the youngest participant in all the race.

Thanks to everybody helping to make this a success.

Princessa passing the goal line in Tilaran

Princessa & Tara crossing the goal line in Tilaran 2012

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