Sabine's Smiling Horse Shiri  our first orphan

Shiri  - born 1st of February 2008.

She got orphan at 2 months of age.

new born Shiri at Smiling Horses

Tico always thinks he is a horse - no wonder by the size compared to the new born horse ... TICO our loved and famous horse dog
Sabine's Smiling Horse Shiri Monteverde Costa Rica 


Substitute "Mommy" Sabine for Shiri. 

It took Shiri a long time to be sure enough enjoy herself running in the field. The other foals, just a few months older helped her do it. 

Sabine's Smiling Horse Shiri - 10 months 1 year later same position, just bigger...
Tara helped us raising her with the bottle and she is extremely tame with everybody. Sabine's Smiling Horse Shiri - 11 months

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