Sabine's Smiling Horse  Apache - the first horse

horse Apache in Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest Apache is the most experienced horse in the crew. He is an Appaloosa horse. Since he caught bull in the arena in Tilaran before he came to Monteverde nothing can really scare or surprise him. He takes what he needs and he neighs for it or he needs to go in our rooms, where is rarely space to turn around...

Apache open the door!!!

So I had a nice surprise for him, a new challenge. I trained him for the Caballgata of National Distance Race of Costa Rica. We went 90 km in 10 hours with 2 check posts, where his pulse was incredibly fast down to 60.

Apache is an honor to ride for everybody.

He is getting our grand father now. He stands for incredible fitness no matter of look.

horse Apache at Arenal Lake and Arenal Volcano
horse Aache Apache is retired since August 2006. Saying good bye to the first horse is incredible difficult and for that reason he is somehow still around us all the time. He set the spirit of all our doing in the beginning.  horse apache

horse Apachehorse Apache shaking a backpack

I am always looking for some bananas. Sabine is never without them :-)

Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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