Sabine's Smiling Horse  Cheyenne - the Youngster,  now teeny

Cheyenne is our Youngster and the tallest already. For his 3 1/2 years he is very quiet. May be it is like in real life. He comes for a farm, that he saw no roads or towns before he came to Monteverde, but he knows how to deal in his life. 

horse cheyenne in tilaran
horse cheyenne in monteverde

In a very short time Cheyenne got used to his new environment and is friendly with all other horses and with people as well.

He is our sweat heart!

horse photo cheyenne July 2002 

Not only Cheyenne, but him most love the freedom they get in the field and play with people. Years ago I would have never believed that it is possible to play with a horse. Yes it is and it is so special, because it is based on trust with humans.

horse festival Monteverde

He is a good racing and very well long distance  horse, very fine educated. Our baby Cheyenne did leave us in May 2006 to work in a cattle farm. He is working very fine and precise and therefore the new owner liked him very much.

Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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Where can I be contacted in Monteverde Costa Rica: 

at the farm Ph: 506-645-6894 or Cell Ph: 506-385-2424