Sabine's smiling horse Dorado  our first palomino

Dorado - since a long time I am watching palomino horses. He is the best. Young and calm. as quiet as not to imagine and very lovely. Safe for anyone, tall and strong.

He came to us in December 2004.


Horse Dorado in Monteverde Costa Rica

children on horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

Dorado turned out to be one of the best for children, since he does not only listen, but also has a very good temper. Peaceful and quietly cruising along.

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That's Dorado -  not only by his color.

horse festival Monteverde Costa Rica
BARBIE at Smiling Horses Dorado our "Barby" at Smiling Horses
Dorado in 2010 Dorado in 2010

Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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