Sabine's smiling horses - India - her dream

Sabine's first foal

India - Almost too good for Sabine to believe, asking for the name of the fine father, when she bought the mare, thinking as dirty as horse business is, that it would be a lie about this fine horse, but no, her father is pure Arabian!!!   I think riding people understand immediately how my heart felt once I found out. 

horse India Monteverde Costa Rica

For her age 7 months (11.07.03) she is extremely quiet and tame. She will get good education that we started already to be lead on a halter.

She is the first foal of Salinka.

In 6 months that I have her she grew 3 cm. This seams not to be much, but she is missing at age 1 year only 2 cm to reach her mom (now 1.32 m). India first time saddle
In July 2007 she went to stay with our friend in San Raffael. It is good to know her in good hands.
........... some stories never end. She came in October 2009 to visit us in the farm once she got loose at her new home about 15 km away from our stable.

sabines smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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