Sabine's smiling horses - Salinka - first time mother

her second mare with 3 fillies

Salinka - To make sure there is not another mare that goes for fun rather than babies Sabine made sure, there was a baby already when she bought her. Salinka lived at the river close to Las Juntas in-between banana plantation until 11.07.03

For Costa Rica not unusual, but at age 3 she has already a 7 month old foal India



and she gave birth to Tarisha 27.01.04 without any help. She is a very healthy filly and made move Sabine's heart to happiness.
mare Salinka 12.01.2005  ASKA was born and they birth did great. We have now a new born stable. Aska is the first foal we choose the father for. It was worth it!!

Since 2007 Salinka

is in San Raffael with a friend of us.

In June 2005 a friend of mine fell so much in love with her, that I decided to give her to away. She still lives close to us and we are visiting her once in a while.

sabines smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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