Sabine's smiling horses - Salvaje - another sweety

Salvaje - I watched her already quite a while in our neighbor hood, but she was long time with her mother until she was sold in July 2004, then I got her daughter.


Born 8th of June 2003 in our neighbor hood. She has tall legs. When she came first to our place she was all wild, never been with a halter before in her life. It took us about 2 weeks to get as far as all ground work to be safe around her. Picking up feet, grooming, following in the lead.

She is pretty amazing how much she trust us already and sometimes I cannot believe that there would be a young horse, that would not like it with us and show this in their behavior.

Salvaje is a tame horse and her little size needed to have her exchanged.

She left our riding stable 29.November 2007 in exchange for Patchuli.


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