Sabine's Smiling Horse Sirena  our first female

Sirena - new in my herd the female horse since May 2001. The name means in English "mar mite" and that's what she is.

She know exactly what she wants and how she gets it.

Her previous job was on a farm to carry milk containers to the road to get them on a truck. More than 100 kg with no vacation is too much. She has marks with no fur  on her back. Slowly she get that back. The good thing about it, riding her is very much fun, since the rider is like a light daypack for her and she might think, the faster she goes the earlier she is finished with work.


horse sirena

Sirena finally showed signs of interest in a stallion. So I found her the most pretty horse in Monteverde called Indio. She spend several times there and she prefers to enjoy without having babies, just like many humans too....

But the impossible is possible

look at Lizzy

and again

look at Angelica

Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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