Sabine's Smiling Horses in Costa Rica

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Comanche full member

   Luna Azul full member

Milagro  full member

  Princessa full member

horse Comanche

070420 Luna Azul.jpg (199857 bytes)

smiling horses in Monteverde 070425 baby luna azul.jpg (110527 bytes)

Pitufa full member

Sierra full member

Aragon full member

Azira  full member

Sabine's smiling horse pitufa

Smilin Horse Sierra


Diva owner's delight Sharaika owner's delight

Morgan-Alasmin owner's delight







LG sold



Smiling Horse baby LG

Julian with us forever

Yuni with us forever

Alisha with us forever

Bonanza with us forever



Prince sold

Chico with us forever

Shiri in best hands

Patchuli with us forever


Shirocco retired

  Linda with us forever

Milan  sold

  Dorado retired


050622 Yegua Pinta 1.jpg (121658 bytes)


Dorado Palomino horse in Monteverde

  Chispa in best hands

Angelica sold

Salvaje  in best hands

  Lizzy  sold

chispa horse in Monteverde

 New horses in Monteverde Costa Rica


Lizzy Monteverde Costa Rica

    Aska  sold

Gitano with us forever

Nirvana sold

Tarisha with us forever

Aska beauty of Monteverde


horse nirvana 

filly tarisha

India with my friend 

Salinka with my friend 

Chiquito  with my friend

Sirena  retired

horse colt india

 criollo mare with arabe foal

Pinto Pony Chiquito

horse sirena

Valiente  sold

Cheyenne  sold

Tango   sold 

Apache  retired

horse valiente

horse cheyenne

horse tango

horse apache

Sabine's Smiling Horses Monteverde Costa Rica

Depending on interest and experience we offer the 2 hour campesino tour at $ 45 US or day ride for $ 105 US per person.  

We work with few horses for a better quality for you - make sure you have your reservation  Book now

More information at   phone: 00506-8385-2424  or whatsapp

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