Sabine's Smiling Horses

Sabine's Smiling Horses

Horses were one of the main reasons why I decided to live in Costa Rica in 1999.

My daughter Tara loves horses as well and grew up in Monteverde and is Costa Rican.

 Monteverde offers an ideal climate for horses. It is fresh and green all year round. For horseback riding, the local Campesino (country side) trails are the best, going through farmland & cloud forest, besides offering stunning views of the gulf of Nicoya, the Cloud Forest, coffee plantations, wild life and more.

 I love my horses and relate to them following the ideas of Mark Rashid and GaWaNi Pony Boy. Our horses are healthy and well taken care of. They are part of my family.

 I like to communicate my knowledge and love of horses with our riding guests. Thatís why the rider learns about horses and riding, so you feel not only safe on the horse, but you feel it is your friend. When you treat a horse well it becomes your friend and likes to ride with you. Thatís why I call our stable Smiling Horses

We attend all riding guests on arrival for a horseback riding briefing. I speak fluent English, French, Spanish and German. Local guides will take you around the countryside. On and off during the year we have bilingual or trilingual volunteers guiding you.  I enjoy helping beginners lose their fear of horses or riding as well as we love real horse talk.

 I adapt the tours in the countryside and choose the horses according to their character and level of experience of the rider.

 We offer children's saddles and ponies rides for children, all of which are very safe and comfortable. Smallest children ride with their parents if they wish. All riders wear riding helmets and get a briefing before the ride. Smiling Horses is an established business since 1999.

 The riding material is maintained very well.  Our staff and guides are well trained and have years of experience in guiding.

 We also specialize in  multi-day horseback riding vacations and full moon rides

I am very proud of all the positive comments riders have written in my guest book or by Volunteers that have stayed with me. I would be more than happy to have you read them or post one after your experience riding with us to help other guests decide to go riding.


You can learn here not only about horseback riding and horse health care, but also about Costa Rica's many horse festivals. There are always horses around that we share with you.

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Depending on interest and experience we offer the 2 hour campesino tour at $ 45 US or day ride for $ 105 US per person.  

We work with few horses for a better quality for you - make sure you have your reservation  Book now

More information at   phone: 00506-8385-2424  or whatsapp

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